Thank you guys!

Sytlist Magazine got the guys at the office to do for a day, what women do daily. Walk, run, in absurd shoes. Yes, we love them, but our spines cry out some relief from this daily maxim.

Surely, we can still write that fabulous presentation wearing flip flops under our desk? Surely, our prowess came from our hard earned degrees, MBA’s and work experience, and a canny, instinctive insight into our stakeholders and clients minds’ hearts or boardroom; surely we actually understand how to monitize the consumers’ belly, because that is our job?

It was recently reported that a UK assistant employed on a short-term contract at PCW was sent home because she was wearing flat shoes. Her shoes did not fit the company image, and she was in breach of her contract to abide by company dress requirements.

Of course, there are no similar dress codes for men office workers, so the fabulous peeps at Stylist Magazine set up this fabulous shoot to glimpse into the life of those of us for a variety of reasons are slaves to our Jimmy Choo’s….


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