radically something

He says “You always get upset over this issue”.

Yes. That is true.

Do you know, there are so many damn issues, I really can’t be sure which one is which.

I know this:

We  can smile, and surrender, and passively do nothing about it. We can agree to keep repeating the same unpleasant cycle for another twenty years and be just like our parents, and all the other miserable people before us.

We could do not much about it, talk late into the night, not listen, and just wait until it dawns upon us that we are right back in the  “Oh it did not work out story”. That oh so boring, slightly tragic story can be played out, re-enacted, yet again.

Or we can do something about it.

Really radically, substantial something. Become present. Aware. Honest. Resounding direct honesty.

Really, radically, something.





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