Tell me?

The tiny agreements are the first to go.
but those tiny pacts were forged in hope and faith
that were the cherished moments
they spoke of daring and courage
to create something brave and conscious

the tiny agreements
were the trust
of friendship
of strength
determination to conquer fear and doubt
they were the promise
made night after night
they were never pillow talk
or slutty cheap tricks
they were the honour of man and woman
repairing the past
creating the future

A heavy narcotic sleep descends
and pretends to not understand
it has forgotten
good and sweet

ego clutches at its’ own defense
it offers its’ own denial
again and again
and pretends to not know of its’ destruction

lovers reach out to seek the entanglement
to enmesh feet, legs, hands and heart

lovers forget and seek only to be taken by sleep
they want distance and they want to merge with
their long sought peace
dead to it all
dead to the imagination
the dream

the tiny agreements
no longer matter
the tiny agreements

the tiny memory
the sureness they were real
tell me what to fill this absence with
of those tiny agreements?

Photo Credit: josimons/koh samui


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