Without Amhisa, your Nothing does nothing for me

The Non Duality Gentleman’s Club with all it’s back thumping is such a tired, old dusty place. Too many outstanding women, men, kids, are living their life with such truth, such a compelling honesty, and warmth to not see and embrace a new paradigm that leaves worn out non-duality debate in its’ cave.

I am so over these sullen, miserable men with their un-navigated prejudice towards women, their bias for pomposity, and their disparaging remarks towards pretty much everyone but themselves.


Personal insult in an online forum shockingly hurts because it is so unexpected. And it seems often to come from the least expected of avatars: The “I was once a Monk, but now I am enlightened types” who have dispatched feeling and observation for a detached brutal form Buddhism without the Ahimsa. Really savage angry men that are entirely cut off from their feelings, including joy, love, respect, and then have the audacity to imagine they are the modern day Jnani. transmitting the Truth.  They are certain they have transcended the Mind, and yet, they appear to be entirely led and ruled by their opinionated, fixed, rigid, mind, mind, mind. Truly they may well be heartless beasts, having dominated their human feelings with such elevated notions of freedom.


They deride God, they deride Bhakti, they deride prayer, they deride the humanity of fellow human beings,but insist they have found ultimate truth. These ancient teachings have been distorted to such a degree that abuse is common place under the generous umbrella of “freedom”.  Fragile seekers, often would be better to have really loving, one to one therapy, than taking guidance from the misguided.

Bypassing what is real, bypassing sensitive, kind and practical wisdom for some notion of non-existence is the disease of the time. There is a lot of absolute tosh out there, and unfortunately it is eclipsing the sheer beauty and grace of intelligent, loving people, who are walking their talk. I truly find more wisdom, compassion and wonder from the elderly man at the corner of the road that folds his hands to greet us with his smile each day, and we don’t even buy milk from him, than from these cyber-lunatics that post spiritual maccaroni asserting that there is nobody here and all there is consciousness. Whilst actually that may be exactly accurate on an ultimate examination of what is, it does not excuse relentless, arrogant, rudeness, and borderline abuse, bullying, and chest-thumping domination. To denounce Personality, whilst remaining absolutely identified with the Character we know as Angry, Incandescent Man, seems folly. To assert that it is all the hand of God, when you have also argued that you are a sworn atheist seems wishful thinking.

If a person is identified enough to make insults they have the same personality to not.


We do have the gifts of choice, sorrow, skillful means, discipline, mastery and love to balance this notion that all is done. We are very much here. And thankfully, we get to learn we do not have to attend to every argument we are invited to, social media, and real life included.

Perhaps Trolls, always existed. They lurked in our lives, either real or perceived, taunting us, ridiculing us, the two-faced friends, the disloyal work colleague that brazenly claimed our work as theirs, and of course, our self-made judgements that we allow to constantly criticize and condemn. It seems we are very slowly, generation by generation, thankfully, learning the most useful, and truthful word in the dictionary, NO.

It was in the yes Culture of this past century, that no became such a taboo. We were supposed to say yes to becoming great, even if it meant oppression of many of our peers; we were weened to obediently say yes to excessive consumption and greed, and in turn nod to super heroic endless wars, whilst repeating without question or defiance,  yes to imagining we are the greatest, even if that pits ourselves, against an opponent, who has done nothing wrong.

The tide is turning, and slowly, magnetically we are being pulled towards the small experimental voice that quietly, and firmly says no, thank you. No, to endless economic growth at the expense of culture, history and environmental degradation. No to competitive practices that rob us of self-esteem and dignity. No to marketing slogans that do not tell the truth. No to filthy contaminated foods, unregulated scientific claims, and more sweetly but no less important, no to harm ourselves and others.

It is that quiet no that is the true power to silence the bully, the dominating wild ego that tramples on people, ideas, hopes, and dissent.
There may be many a scholar that will argue for the deepest, most cleverly constructed Nothing Ever Happens, that we are simply Not here, the whole thing is Maya, a grand illusion, and we are simply beings projected into the relative world where we are stuck for a while. And I will listen to all those magical insights without a murmur. But, if you use your devout construct as a weapon to obliterate the opinion, and experience of other sentient beings, ironically,  will have become the violent, dis-satisfied person you claim to have transcended.



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