Man ‘splaining

So, it happened twice this week.

Two highly respected professors asserted that I was quite wrong and that Britain was NOT part of Europe.

I can be reasonably polite, and I can forgive many misunderstandings, so I continued to explain that Britain was holding a referendum this week to decide its’ fate.

No, you are simply wrong. This IS the problem when women speak out of turn, on subjects they do not understand.

You see, according to the sage Male Ego, Britain uses Pound Sterling, and therefore is not part of the European Union.

I am enraged at the audacity of Male Pride that disallows truth to be truth to suit their chest-thumping mania. I am outraged that my knowledge of my own nation and culture is discredited. I am furious that these two chumps have laughed an intelligent woman out of their office. I am a little bit amazed that no-one got hurt.

I am incredulous that really smart people, live in a very small bubble, and do not know jack-shit but carry it off so convincingly.

Unless of course, they were being prophetic?


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