Truly floored. Sixteen days of gruesome, knuckle wrenching agony. Searing electrifying jagged vicious pains wandering from jaw to jaw, from tooth to tooth, untraceable.

I longed for sleep, but laying flat triggered the pain too much. Sitting upright gave some relief, for short spells and bending forward sent the torture further into the recess of my ears and neck.

Mind was steady, in between hysteria, and trying for the most part to see what was begging to be seen, and understood?

The dentist was a sweet, gentle angelic looking man, and whilst I held a bag of ice to my cheek, he quickly calculated that the solution would simply be a Three and half Indian Lakh programme,  I should sign up with the nurse outside. The doctor could find no trace of infection, and slowly, I was collecting in box numbers of alternative dentists to meet.

I just needed to get well enough to walk there.

Old dental memories came back, had I not healed from these past traumas? Was this early signs of some awful pending disease? Was I unconsciously making my pain worse? Would this ever go away?

Finally, the homeopath did proffer a palliative cure. And then, an eminent Indian artist took my hand, and located acupressure points that he treated with firm application of two black pepper seeds.

All stuff and nonsense, is always what the naysayers say. But here I am, happily enjoying my day, Ibuprofen free, and reasonably in peaceful wellness again. Those pesky teeth are still in tact, and I am glad to be rid of some of those nasty chemical filled on the shelf toothpastes filled with Triclosan for now and forever more.




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