Quiet life

It is sometimes just too quiet for my liking. My husband is one of those silent Artist types, that is perfectly happy to disengage in communication for days at a time. I am the loquacious one, that wants to talk shit, debate, and find humour in most things.

I live in a strange part of my life, with no friends, and no colleagues, and the silence, drives me to despair, and it is sadly, my habit now, to just simply watch how quickly it arrives and goes.

One way to dispel the silence is to stream Hindi Bollywood Movie songs. The house will transform from morgue-like to dancing girls and boys filled stadium of joyous frivolity.

It jars, just enough to motivate me, to get dressed, and get out the house. A different silence as I wander the streets searching for my peace. My peace is just not the silent, meditative kind, it requires connection, human to human. A greeting, a smile, a look, a remembering.
It is the greatest hunger I have ever known.




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