chew this

Never ending drama under the microscope.

Either the dope just makes people psychotic or the narcicism is so highly developed that manufacturing an entirely untrue narrative and manipulating people to get drawn into it, still counts as getting attention. At any price.

The spinach must be washed several times. To satisfy the braminical household games that allow mother in laws to behave with contempt for their sons’ wife and not be seen as the utter despot she truly is.

I don’t actually have a mother-in law but I do seem to live with a live relay performance of her these past few weeks.

The palak is not washed. There will be sand in my food. There is sand in my food. You do not know how to wash Palek. Palek is different in your country. See, you do not not understand what I am saying because you actually are chewing your Palak wrong.

Let be just say, I have cooked him creamy nutmeg spinach pasta for three years.

That may be the last time I bother.


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