It is not even close to typical Monsoon rain, but today it rained heavily for a couple of hours, and has drizzled on and off since.

As a Brit trying to live in Rajasthan, I cannot say how welcome this is. Which is of course funny, that I left my home country in search of endless beautiful blue skies, and some bone warming heat. Obvious case of be careful what you wish for!

We live in an apartment in what was a traditional Rajput Family home. The family are still here, and split into the various family units, and a few apartments are let out to generate some income for the grandchildren, all at private schools and trying to get on in the world, or for the girls, sadly, to ensure a good match for their all to soon weddings.

Our terrace is bigger than our flat, and it gets the full day glare of the desert sun, and we have filled it with locally made clay pots and grown creepers to shield us from the peepers, and Italian basil and Curry leaf plant and pretty much anything that amateur gardeners can tend to. The heatwave of May was sudden and harsh, and we lost a few good plants simply because we were clueless how to respond. They simply needed moving to the shade, but we acted to slowly, trusting they knew how to survive their own climate.

A few barren twigs brought out a sadness, a loss in my heart, that was unknown until it happened. I felt desolate and inconsolable over the neglect I had shown my sweet little flowering oasis babies. I cried, at the arid vista my blooming lovely terrace had transformed into. My bespoke balcony filled with colour had given me so much cheer, and the thermometer kept reminding me winter was far, far away. Those roses, that hibiscus, lavender, and lime were in desperate need, and so was I, for some cooler days.

Steady, generous rain has arrived. I am so absurdly happy to be in a climate that feels familiar, that I am suddenly the foreigner who wants to run errands, go for long city walks, and sweep the terrace. Again, and again. The plants are thriving, they are growing, shooting buds, and if I discover patience, may get to see these tiddlers, become decent, sturdy little shrubs and our home sweet home rooftop jungle manifests whilst we quietly do our thing.


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